Achieving control with ControlPro™!

Combine time, cost and scope into simple, consistent performance metrics

Once your project is underway, it is critical to measure and understand its performance in order to respond to issues before they impact your project objectivs. Suited for use by any parties involved in delivering projects including contractors, clients and consultants.

Calculate and visualise your cost forecast

Track the evolution of your cost forecasts over time as your project progresses. Plot performance against budgets. Straightforward collaboration with others in your team.

Capture, manage and visualise
 your risks

Easily create risks and their controls in minutes. Identify significant risk items that are not being managed effectively. Track the evolution of your risks over time.

Easy analysis of your project

ControlPro was created to pull together the various parameters generated by a project onto a common platform in order to:

  • Calculate performance parameters such as productivity and earned value.
  • Display all measured parameters next to each other for comparison.

This allows:

  • A clear comparison of past performance against forecast performance to meet time and cost goals.
  • Performance measurement against a clear baseline.

Benefits of using ControlPro:

  • Improves transparency.
  • Understand past performance/resource-use against future performance/resource-use.
  • Improves the information available to make effective decisions.
  • Helps you eliminate waste from your project.

Trusted by tier-one contractors on more than
$20 billion of live projects in Australia.

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